Tuesday, August 29, 2017


This is a collaboration with Zulily and Mavenx.  All opinions are mine alone.

A week or so ago, I shared some of my favorite Zulily events.  They had such a great selection; however, as you  might now, they are a flash sale site where the events don't last forever.  You really have to take advantage of the deals you want, because they do have an end date.  The best thing is that there's always a sale going on, so you can find tons of good deals.  And some of the deals are even on designer brands!

I wanted to share a few of my faves today, since they have new events popping up.  This is about the time I start thinking about my birthday purse purchase.  Every year, I purchase a high-end purse as a present for myself.  I was excited to see Kate Spade in the list of events!

And you can shop my entire board by clicking the pictures below:

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