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After making the switch to cruelty free beauty products, I came across the brand RMS Beauty.  I'd heard about their "Un"Cover-Up  Foundation before from one of my favorite Youtuber Ashley from MakeupTIA.  In fact, I haven't read a bad review of this concealer/foundation, so I decided to give it a try.

This concealer/foundation is incredibly versatile.  This oil-based cream concealer can be used as a concealer or a foundation.  It is touted as a healthy foundation that not only covers up imperfections but also enhances healthy skin.  The creamy formula melds with my skin to create a smooth canvas but also gives my skin a youthful appearance.  As an acne sufferer, I was surprised to love this foundation despite the fact that it's medium coverage.

The "Un"Cover-Up formula is so hydrating, it truly nourishes the skin.  RMS Beauty recommends that you avoid synthetic moisturizers under this concealer/foundation.  I moisturize lightly when wearing this.  Any extra hydration makes it feel slippery on my skin.

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

For an effortless application, use your fingers.  This takes a little extra time while I'm getting ready, but it's worth it.  The warmth of my fingers blends the foundation effortlessly on my face.  You can use a foundation brush, just make sure it's synthetic.  I have used this as a concealer under my eyes and on spots for 'no makeup' makeup days.  I have also used this as an all-over foundation.  The versatile is wonderful and makes it very easy for travel.  In fact, I brought this on our weekend way in the mountains.


Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review


Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review


Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

Unfortunately, this does not have an extensive shade range.  The variety is along the lines of a bb cream, where a few colors will work for most but not all people.  RMS Beauty has developed more colors since the original release of this concealer/foundation.  Hopefully they will continue to develop more.  I am using the shade 000, which is the lightest.

For shade comparison, I am Alabaster in Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish Foundation, Ivory Light 10 in Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate, and Snow in Too Faced Born This Way.  Those are just a few off the top of my head.  I don't use the Bobbi Brown & Too Faced foundations anymore.

The current shades of "Un"Cover-up Concealer/Foundation are:

000: The lightest shade for the true snow whites.
00: A light shade for fair skin.
11: A pale shade with a subtle yellow base.
22: Our biggest seller. With its yellow base, this shade is great light-medium skin tones.
33: A slightly warm tan color.
44: A darker tan color, which can also be used for creating a tanned effect or for contouring if desired.
55: Warm golden tan.
66: A deep warm amber.

 To be honest, when this arrived in the mail, I was shocked at how small it is.  I included a picture at the top of the post with the product in my hand, for a size comparison.  That being said, the pigmentation is so good that you don't need a lot of product.  I assumed that this was going to be used up so fast, but I've barely made a dent in it.  For a little price comparison, most foundations come in 1 ounce bottles.  This product is .20 ounces.  The price is $36, which makes it my most expensive foundation per ounce.  For example, my favorite Marc Jacob Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate would be a little under $15 for .20 ounces (it is $55 for .75 ounces).

All that being said, both foundations go a long way.  I don't see myself running out of either one of them in the near future.  

The most impressive aspect of the "Un"Cover-up Concealer/Foundation is the texture.  I've used so many creamy foundations that don't stay put.  This is not the longest lasting foundation, but it definitely stays put until I leave work (I work a little under 9 hours a day).  The smooth texture makes application so easy.  Generally, I prefer to apply foundation with my fingers. It's just luck that the recommended application method is your fingers!

Using my fingers gives me as close to full coverage as I can get with this as a foundation.  As a concealer, it's a medium coverage.  This has actually been great for my under eye area.  I naturally have dark undereyes, and I get very good coverage with this.  Sometimes I use a brightening concealer over the top for a little extra coverage (and especially when my allergies are bad).

Note: Please make sure your hands are as clean as possible.  Using your fingers can be less hygienic.  I wash my hands before and after I apply my foundation.

Since the finish is so healthy and hydrated, I set this with a powder.  I don't have a current powder to recommend with it; but I do want to say that a lighter powder is better.   My skin is combination/oily, and I look shiny throughout the day.  My skin needs to be powdered about mid-day, especially if it's humid outside.

I also wanted to include a picture that I took of my skin while we were hiking in the mountains.  Yes, I wore makeup while I was hiking.  Not only did I expect to take pictures of myself (and wanted to look my best), but it was also a great way to see how this concealer/foundation performs under 'pressure.'

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty RMS "Un"Cover-Up Concealer Foundation Review

 Overall, I love this foundation.  Personally, this is going to be a staple in my makeup bag.  I love this creamy texture and the hydrating properties.  My skin looks and feels so healthy when I'm wearing it.  The high price point per ounce is a little dissuading, but I do see this lasting a long time.  Price point is such a personal aspect of a review, and it's all relative to your own budget and concerns.  Supporting a brand that is natural and cruelty free is important to me, so I am happy to repurchase this concealer/foundation once it's used up.

This looks amazing on my combination/oily skin, and I imagine it looks just as amazing on drier skin types.  Keep in mind that if you have oily skin, you'll want to set it with a powder.

Thanks for reading this review!  I hope to provide more cruelty free reviews in the future.

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