Thursday, December 21, 2017


This shampoo was sent to me for review.

Earlier this year, when I went cruelty free with my beauty routine, I had a hard time finding hair products to replace the products I was no longer using.  There are very limited options at the drugstore, so I've resigned to ordering products online.  That's totally fine with me, but it does make me a bit nervous because it feels like I'm ordering blindly.

Due to that, I've decided to review as many products as I can.  I truly hope that it will be helpful for other people searching for cruelty free beauty products.

That brings me to this wonderful shampoo I've been using for the past month!  This is from Maple Holistics, which is a new-to-me brand.  They have a huge range of products, and after using this shampoo and I'm very excited to try more products from their brand.

This product is their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.  I use tea tree oil in my beauty routine, and I'd never heard of it being in a shampoo.  Since I have a sensitive/dry scalp and hair products build up on my hair very easily, I was eager to try this.  I love the scent of tea tree oil.  There's something so refreshing about it. 

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Review

This product claims to improve hair and scalp health, promote hair growth, and even slow hair loss.  I don't have any experience with hair loss, so I can not speak to that claim.  My hair started growing a crazy amount two years ago when I started washing it less, so I haven't really seen any accelerated hair growth.  As far as my hair and scalp health, they do feel much healthier. 

Like I said before, my hair gets weighed down very easily.  I'm quite careful about the products I use, because otherwise my hair looks flat.  After using this for a solid month, my hair feels smoother and looks shinier.  My roots feel lifted slightly after I wash my hair, and it feels really clean without drying out my hair and scalp.

I also wanted to mention that two of our kids have used it, and their hair felt amazing!  Our son's hair was so shiny and smooth, and he typically has kind of coarse-feeling wavy hair.  It was really nice.

As far as the scent, it's very refreshing.  It smells exactly like tea tree oil, but it's not overwhelming at all.  I almost wish I washed my hair every day... almost!  My hair is so used to being washed twice a week, that it's really not necessary for me to clean it every day. But, this shampoo is so nice, I really think you would love using it.

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Review

Rebecca Lately Cruelty Free Beauty Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Review

This might be a little bold to say, since I try so many products all the time, but I truly believe I've found my forever shampoo.  After using it for a month and having such a positive experience with my hair, I can't imagine going back to anything that will make my hair feel weighted down.

If you're interested in trying this shampoo, you can find it on the Maple Holistics site.  They also have a really great samples program!

Have you ever tried a tea tree oil shampoo?

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