Friday, December 1, 2017

Four Great Ways to Look and Feel Younger Than Your Age

Four Great Ways to Look and Feel Younger Than Your Age

As a mom, you are usually beyond busy. From chauffeuring the kids all over town and hands-on care for babies and toddlers to trying to balance work with household duties, time with your spouse and more, you may find yourself wishing you had an IV drip of coffee to keep you going.
And, when you look in the mirror, you may also wish that you had a magic wand that would turn back time and help you to look and feel younger. Those years of being a mom are starting to take a toll, and you are not crazy about the dark circles under your eyes and sallow complexion. Fortunately, there are a number of mom-friendly tips and tricks that will help figuratively melt away the years. Check out the following ideas:

Ward Off Sun Damage

If you have spent a lot of time in the sun — either as a young girl or now cheering on your daughter when she plays soccer — you may have sun-damaged skin. This can lead to wrinkles, brown patches and dark spots. Adding more phytonutrients to your daily diet, along with always wearing sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30, can really help your skin to look more youthful. Getting more phytonutrients in your diet is as easy as remembering to “eat the rainbow.” Strawberries, oranges, peppers, carrots, kale and more are all loaded with phytonutrients like flavonoids, carotenoids and other natural substances that can help lower free radial damage from the sun and oxidative stress.

Nourish Your Hair

Busy moms are often too busy for a decent shampoo, let alone any other time consuming hair treatments. While this is common and understandable, this can lead to your hair becoming dry-looking and dull. Add a quick and easy to use hair moisturizer to your regular routine; for example, Amway sells a nice Satinique Smooth Moisture formula that will add bounce and shine to your hair, all thanks to its Kukui seed oil and vitamin B5. In addition to their high quality hair products that will help your curly or straight tresses to look terrific, Amway sells a number of other products including supplements, makeup and more; you might want to check back to their Instagram page frequently to learn other ways to look younger.

Drink Lots of Water

Another easy and effective way to look younger is to drink more water. Shoot for 6-8 glasses of filtered water to keep your skin supple and to prevent dehydration, which will make your skin look dry and wrinkly. More water will also help to flush toxins out of your body, and if you indulged in high-sodium food for dinner, it will help get the excess salt from your system, which can lead to puffy eyes. Treat yourself to a new insulated cup that comes with a washable straw — better yet, buy two and keep them in different places in the house so you always have the chance to take a few sips of refreshing H2O.

Get Enough Sleep

Being a mom often means getting less than 40 winks a night — you often have to stay up late or get up early to catch up on the myriad things you have to do, and sometimes kiddos are ill and you need to care for them at 2 a.m. While some sleep deprivation cannot be avoided, sleeping less than 6 hours a night can cause you to age faster than is normal. Try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier and get up 30 minutes later — that will add one hour to your nightly snooze number. Also consider making your bedroom darker with new drapes and cooler by turning down the heat, and avoid caffeine late in the day since that can keep you awake.

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