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I have used my Stitch Fix referral link within this post.  If you click through and schedule a fix, I will receive a $25 Stitch Fix credit.  Please don't feel obligated to click, but thank you if you do!  Additionally, if you create a Stitch Fix account you will have your own referral link with which to earn credits! 

If you're no stranger to my Stitch Fix hauls, you know that I absolutely love Princess Kate's style.  I truly enjoy following her style journey, and while I rarely have an occasion to wear the same outfits that she does I do love the classic lines and colors of her wardrobe.  I always request that my box be inspired by her style, and this is the second box that I've requested brands that are made in the USA. 

In case you didn't catch my last haul, you can check that out here.  It was a little bit of a bust.  I didn't keep anything, although my stylist was going in the right direction according to my style.  Nothing really called out to me.  I was super excited to get this box and, as you'll see below, it was hard to decide what to keep.

ALSO, this is the first Stitch Fix box that I've let my husband choose the item that I keep.  I love having his opinion on clothes, so it was a lot of fun while he was taking these pictures for me.

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Pixley Beringer Ruffle Neck Blouse

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Pixley Beringer Ruffle Neck Blouse

Pixley Beringer Ruffle Neck Blouse, size L, $48

I loved this immediately when I pulled it out of the box.  The classy ruffle, v-neck, and the length are perfect.  The back is slightly longer than the front, which I can very much appreciate as a pear shaped person.  At first I thought this ruffle would be difficult to style with a cardigan, but it works very well!

I decided to keep this and, spoiler alert, this was the only item I kept.

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Leo & Nicole Syd Open Cardigan

Leo & Nicole Syd Open Cardigan, size L, $64

This was the second item that caught my eye in the box.  This is so incredibly cute!  I love the buffalo check style, and it is insanely comfortable.  It says it's a cardigan, but it's slightly thicker.  It verges on the side of jacket, in my opinion.  If it was lined, I would definitely call this a jacket.

All that being said, I decided not to keep this.  Although I love buffalo check, $64 is a lot for something that I would use only for a few months out of the year.  I sent this back.

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Sophie Rue Broadway Sleeve Detail Blouse

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Sophie Rue Broadway Sleeve Detail Blouse

Sophie Rue Broadway Sleeve Detail Blouse, size L, $42

This top stood out to me, because it's not very autumnal or wintery.  I was surprised that a short sleeved top was included in my fix, but I see why she though I would love it.  It's just not practical for this time of year, since I can't layer it under a cardigan.  Even if I could layer it, the gorgeous details on the sleeves would be covered up.  If there is a springy version of this available next year, I might reconsider a top like this.  I sent this back.

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Pink Clover Aisha Knit Top Potter's Pot Paris straight Ruffle Pants

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Pink Clover Aisha Knit Top

Pink Clover Aisha Knit Top, size L, $48

This top was such a tough call.  It is insanely comfortable.  This could definitely take me from work to home to errands, to whatever!  I love the colors.  The grey and the blue/white stripes are so pretty together.  The only draw back was the sleeve ties.  You can see them in the detail shot above (along with the ruffle detail from the pants in the picture below!).  I imagined they would get in the way of typing and cooking, so in the end I decided to send this back. 

Rebecca Lately Stitch Fix Potter's Pot Paris Straight Ruffle Pants

Potter's Pot Paris Straight Ruffle Pants, size L, $58

These pants were also a super cute pick and a really hard decision.  I love the material, the pocket details (you can see them two pictures above), the length, and obviously the color.  Black pants are my  most worn pants when I'm planning work outfits.  However, my most worn pant style are definitely skinny ankle pants.  So, that is literally the only reason I sent them back.  Every time I give straight leg pants a genuine try, they end up in the back of my wardrobe and eventually I sell them to thredUP.  They simply aren't a front runner, and that's okay!  I'm always learning about my wardrobe preferences, and ankle pants just happen to be what I love the most.  These were sent back.

And that's it!  I really loved this fix, and I'm super excited to get another one at the end of the month.  Let me know if you get Stitch Fix!

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