Friday, January 26, 2018

Become a Fashionista on Your Own Terms and You'll Curate a Timeless Look

Become a Fashionista on Your Own Terms and You'll Curate a Timeless Look

Fashion is a means to express oneself. By that definition alone, you should ignore the copy-and-pasted looks of the high street and fast fashion conglomerates, and instead focus on defining your own look. Your own sense of style is unique, and wearing what everyone else is wearing diminishes the quality of your wardrobe. If you become a fashionista who aims to curate their own sense of style, rather than follow what the big fashion houses are doing, you’ll be able to curate a timeless look that is unique to you. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1     Clear Out Your Closet
The first step to curating the timeless look is to clear out your closet. Be committed to this spring clean, however, because the more you clear out, the better your wardrobe will be. The fewer clothes you have, the more emphasis you need to put into styling. Styling is the true heart of fashion. Anyone can wear fashionable clothing, but to look good in it, you need to consider everything from the clothes to the accessories, to even your makeup.

Note: Donate clothes before you throw them out. Donations at least have the chance of a second life, whereas if you throw out your clothes, they will join the millions of tons of fabric waste clogging our landfills.

2     Educate Yourself on Fashion
Now, it might seem redundant to educate yourself in fashion, when the exact point of curating your own sense of style is to focus on your own preferences, instead of what everyone else is wearing. Educating yourself in fashion, however, can make you an informed buyer. Following fashion blogs like Beulah London’s blog is also a great way to find inspiration. Beulah London, unlike fast-fashion companies, creates quality pieces that are designed to last. Choose quality over quantity, and you’ll create the perfect wardrobe.

   Find Unique Designers
Supporting local artists is always a good thing, which is why finding unique designers is the way to go. It is also how you’ll find pieces that speak to you, and ones that are likely not to be found on every fourth person you see walking down the street.

   Opt for Quality Over Quantity
One of the things you learn when you begin to educate yourself on fashion is exactly how detrimental the fast fashion industry is to the environment, and to society. It has completely changed the way we shop, and the way companies do business. Instead of buying quality pieces that help society, you are instead buying pieces that exploit women in developing nations. That is why when you buy, it is always better to buy quality over quantity. Quality clothes last longer, they are more unique, and they can help you curate a timeless wardrobe.

Being unique is all the rage, but when you aim to be unique, you need to do it right. Don’t accidentally follow what everyone else is doing, focus on what you like. Be critical of the trends that are passing through and focus on key pieces you have loved over the years. Do this, and you’ll create a wardrobe that will last and be fashionable for years to come.

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