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In case you haven't seen any of my home posts over the past year, I will share a link to all those right here.  When we were building our house and getting reading to move, I did a lot of searching online for modern farmhouse decor ideas.  It is easily my favorite decor, because the color palettes really speak to me and the aesthetic is relaxed and comfortable.

I have found three websites that I visit very frequently (as in, every day) for little house accoutrements.  Well.. some of them are little and some of them are big.  I've found a little bit of everything on all three of these sites.  From furniture to decor to functional kitchen pieces, I love keeping an eye out for good farmhouse decor ideas and deals.

FARMHOUSE DECOR IDEAS by popular North Carolina style blogger Rebecca Lately

FARMHOUSE DECOR IDEAS by popular North Carolina style blogger Rebecca Lately


Decor Steals

This is, by far, the site that I've shopped from the most.  Each day, there is a steal, a flash steal, two bonus steals, and any extended steals from previous days that are still available.  They have such a huge variety.  My first purchase from their site was two cotton boll wreaths for our front doors.  They arrived in about two weeks from the time of order, and I was impressed with how well they were packed.  That first order had me sold, and I've been checking their site every day since for little things to decorate the house with.  Some items that I've ordered are a huge magnolia wreath for our living room, a hardware scale clock for Will's work area in the garage, a huge wire storage basket for the kids' hats and mittens, and I'm currently waiting for a table to be shipped.  I ordered about a week ago, so I suspect it will ship soon.

As far as shipping times, I have found that it varies.  Every order states that the item(s) will ship in 15 days.  I've had some items arrived within a week, and I've had a couple orders to take a few weeks (from time of order, including the 15 day lead time).  I have not be disappointed by the quality in the least.  Everything has arrived packages very well. 

Bits of Vintage

This website is a little different in that each day they release a set of items called 'a story.'  Each story has a large selection of items centered around a common theme.  I've placed one order, which was a turtle shaped, mint soap dish for our hall bathroom downstairs.  It's so cute. Since I've gone with a mint/turquoise/pink color scheme, it fits in so well.  On a side note, that combo of colors is really subtle and doesn't look quite as crazy as it sounds!  I was very happy with how the turtle soap dish arrived.

Antique Farmhouse

This site's sales are set up very similar to Bits of Vintage.  Each collection has a common theme.  Their collections do stay up on the site for many days, so it's great to have a little extra time to think about what I want.  During the holidays, I ordered a set of fluted pedestal bowls.  I have been so incredibly happy with them.  They haven't found their forever home in the house, as I've been moving them around to get them exactly where I want them.  They are very well made and coordinate with everything.  The packaging and shipping was wonderful.  Even during the holidays, they arrived quickly and swathed in bubble wrap.
I hope this is helpful for anyone searching for farmhouse decor ideas and deals.  I know I've been so happy to have found these sites.  Let me know what you think of them.  Also, if you know of any other deal sites that are of a similar nature, please share them in the comments.

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