Wednesday, February 7, 2018


To follow along after  yesterday's post, I wanted to share a few books that are in our holiday book bin.  I keep a bin of kid books on the first floor so they're easily accessible for the kids.  Every holiday or season, I switch out the books so there's always something fun to read.

I've always meant to do posts like this, but our books have never been organized well.  After we put away all of our Christmas decor, I spent one morning organizing all of the other seasonal decor.  So, in each season's box, I also keep the kids' books with the decor.  That way, when I'm bringing out decorations for the house, I'll bring out the books at the same time.  So far, I am loving this organizational method.  It's working out so well.  I even found some books that we've never read, because they were stuck with another season's books!  Talk about shopping your stash...

So, these are just a few that we've been loving.  To be honest, our daughter is the only one who loves to read seasonal books with me right now.  The boys have always enjoyed reading books in the evening, but right now they're moving past the 'cute' books.  They tend to either read books on the games they enjoy playing or we read one of their Bookroo Jr. books.  For now, Izzie and I are having fun with Valentine's books. :)
Five Kids Valentine Books

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