Thursday, February 1, 2018


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If you're no stranger to my Stitch Fix hauls, you know that I absolutely love Princess Kate's style.  I truly enjoy following her style journey, and while I rarely have an occasion to wear the same outfits that she does I do love the classic lines and colors of her wardrobe.  I always request that my box be inspired by her style, and this is the THIRD box that I've requested brands that are made in the USA..

In case you didn't catch my last haul, you can check that out here.  I kept one necklace from that box.  I was super excited to get this box and, as you'll see below, it was hard to decide what to keep.

Absolutely Presidio Shawl Cardigan

Absolutely Presidio Shawl Cardigan, size L, $46

Typically, I love one or two items when I open my box and usually those items are in the contenders for purchasing.  However, when I pulled this sweater out of the box I just wasn't sure about it.  It feels really thick and the fabric is super plush and cozy.  After I put it on, I fell in love.  This color is also on my list for my wardrobe color scheme, so it felt like a match made in closet heaven.  I kept this one!

August Mist Abia Cardigan

August Mist Abia Cardigan, size L, $44

Can you see the hilarious mistake on this cardigan?  This was my first choice to keep, but I couldn't exchange it.  When I went to check out and exchange it, they were out of stock in my size.  I really should have checked out sooner!  This fabric was very soft and stretchy.  The colors are perfect.  It's a soft cream and grey.  If I could've exchanged it, this would have also been purchased.

Heartloom Bianca Piping Trim Blouse

Heartloom Bianca Piping Trim Blouse, size L, $64

This is the second piping trim top I've been sent.  The first one starkly reminded me of a pajama top, but this one is much better.  It's a really great neutral color, but the sleeves were a little too long. They aren't really the kind that will roll up easy.  I sent this back.

Le Lis Anina Embroidered Sleeve Pullover

Le Lis Anina Embroidered Sleeve Pullover, size L, $64

I can completely see why my stylist sent this to me. It looks like my style.  It has stripes, it's a cozy sweater, and it fits really well.  However, the embroidery just throws me off..  Minus the embroider, I think it looks great.  it would not get worn if I kept it, so this got sent back as well.

Q&A Ritika High Neck Blouse

Q&A Ritika High Neck Blouse, size LP, $64

This was definitely the hardest top to decide on, because I love the style.  The bust and the hems of the sleeves were a little tight, but it fit really well everywhere else. Now, I wonder if I should have exchanged it for a regular large.  I was surprised that I liked this on, because ruffles aren't really my thing.  I sent this one back.

What did you think of the item I kept?  What would you have kept?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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