Monday, April 9, 2018


One of my favorite things to do, when it comes to makeup and skincare, is to discover new or new-to-me brands.  I've been following Shaanxo on YouTube for a number of years, and last year she released her own makeup line.  Every time she publishes a swatch video for her brand, I ooh and aah at all the gorgeous colors she's developed.  A few weeks ago, I saw her lash video. She tried on every single strip of fake lashes that her brand has.  Honestly, that was it for me.

Lately, I've been thinking about either getting eyelash extensions or a lash lift.  I have the shortest, thinnest, flattest lashes.  Literally anything is improvement on my natural lashes.  Unfortunately, there are not any salons near me that offer those services, so I thought trying some fake lashes that look natural would be fun.

I purchased the set of natural lashes along with a single band of the understated lashes.  Each strip in the natural set is so pretty.  As you can see, there are five different sets of lashes.  Going from top to bottom, the lashes going from extremely natural to slightly bolder.  The understated lashes are their only set of lower lashes.  I've never even seen lower lashes before, so that seemed like a lot of fun.

Another swatch video that caught my attention was the one all about her new liquid lipsticks.  I love a liquid lipstick, but I have found a lot of them to be drying.  This color is Serendipity, and it's the prettiest pinky nude.  Since I've worn this a few times, I can comment on the texture, pigmentation and wear time.  It is slightly drying, but only if you apply too much.  It only requires a light layer to completely cover your lips.  The texture is so nice.  Once it dries down it almost feels velvety.  You feel like it's going to stay put.  It is such a lovely lipstick, and I do plan on a buying a couple more colors.

Last, but certainly not least, a highlighter!  I saw this recommended on YouTube and decided it would (hopefully) be perfect for me.  This is the Aurora highlighter, and it's a cool toned, gorgeous highlighter.  I really prefer natural highlighters that give you a lit-from-within glow, and this one fits the bill.  The best part, aside from it looking amazing on my skin, is that I can barely tell that I've used this at all.  And I've been using it every day for weeks!  This should last a very long time.

That's it for my haul!  Have you ever tried the Xobeauty brand?  Let me know if there's anything you love!

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