Thursday, June 14, 2018

Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

The human sense of smell might be nothing on a dog’s, but it still packs a surprisingly hard emotional punch. Smells can spark off all sorts of associations in your mind, reminding you of treasured memories in many cases, and reminding you of the emotions you were feeling at the time. Smells can also be unpleasant of course, and will hold equally strong negative associations. When something smells horrible, it acts as a warning that whatever is causing the smell may be harmful, or at least not nice to come in contact with. That’s an important survival mechanism, in much the same way as bitter tastes tend to warn of poisonous plants. When it comes to our homes, it’s nice to think that they smell fresh and clean, but sometimes you may need to tackle a less pleasant odor.

Dealing with bad smells
The source could be one of a number of things, but there are a few frequent culprits:
·         Animals: we love our pets and wouldn’t be without them, but they can cause a bit of a whiff if they aren’t kept clean. Dogs are the chief cause of pet smells, as they soon give off that special doggy smell, especially when they’re wet or if they have longer coats. The bedding they use will soon absorb the smell as well, so in addition to a bath for your hound, keep their beds washed regularly too. You can also get pet-friendly wipes that neutralize the smell when wiped over the animal’s coat.
·         Cooking: Some cooking smells are mouth-watering, like freshly baked bread or frying bacon. However, some smells like green vegetables and cooking oils don’t smell so good, and also tend to linger. Plus, there’s the acrid smell of burning if things go wrong when you’re making the dinner! Good ventilation in the kitchen will get rid of the worst of the smell, so use a cooker fan and open windows and/or doors if you can. 

·         Toilets and drains: You’d expect the bathroom to be a cause of unpleasant smells at certain times, but if there is a persistent odor it may be that there is a blockage in the system, or a fault in the trap. Outside drains can smell for similar reasons, and if you have one you may notice basement drain smells as well. Flushing out the trap and rehydrating the system can often do the trick, but check for information on how to deal with plumbing problems before attempting to fix them.

Keeping it fresh
Eliminating the obvious causes of bad smells like those listed above will stop your home from smelling unpleasant, but there are also plenty of options for adding nice smells as well. Plug-in air fresheners emit a constant or time-controlled fragrance over many months, saving you the bother of having to spray manually each day. Reed diffusers act in a similar way, sending out a gentle fragrance for long periods, and they’re generally more attractive to look at. A clean, fresh-smelling house is a joy to come home to at the end of the day, so banish the bad smells and sniff the scent of flowers instead.

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