Nordstrom has some super cute kids’ shoes right now.  I love these slip-ons and boat shoes for church, and the stretchy lace sneakers are perfect for school days!  If you shop through Shop at Home, you can earn 3% cash back.

The boys’ shirts are wrecked from camp.  I’m not one to complain, though.  I’m glad they had fun this summer, but their clothes are evident of how much fun they had!  😉  We’ll be picking up some affordable shirts today, along with a couple plaid button-ups.  This polo is adorable, and the t-shirt is super colorful.  I love having button-ups on hand, because they can roll them up right now (while the weather is warmer) and roll the sleeves down when it’s colder outside.  I’m always looking for ways to extend the life of their clothes!

Their shorts are just as wrecked as their shirts, so I foresee quite a few pairs being tossed this weekend.  The boys are a fan of comfortable shorts, so we’ve made a compromise . They can sportier shorts to school, but we also keep cargo shorts or belted cargo shorts on hand for church.  Shop at Home is offering 5.5% at Ralph Lauren, which is pretty amazing!  Every little bit counts when we’re shopping for school!

So, our main goals today are shirts, shorts, and shoes!  Shopping with the boys is rarely a piece of cake.  They somehow, simultaneously, want to have the same things but also can’t agree on what those things should be.  #smh  Wish us luck!  At the end of the day, it’ll be so great to have an entire day with my silly boys.

Leave your money-saving tips in the comments!  I’d love to know how you save money with back-to-school shopping. 

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