Bathing Suit // Flip Flops // Cover Up

Towel // Sunglasses // Beach Tote

Mascara // Sunscreen // Lip Balm

Today, we are packing for a trip to the beach.  I am a bag of mixed emotions — excited to be going, but sad that it will most likely be our last beach trip of the year.  We only went once this summer.  I wish we’d gone more, but that was the only trip we could squeeze into our schedule.  I hope next summer will include more beach trips!

I am packing my tried-and-true polka dot one-piece, which is very similar to the one above.  I’ve had a polka dot, retro one-piece for what seems like forever.  I try to keep my cover ups neutral, so they won’t look too clashy with the dots.  And my very old, very loved pair of flip flops are about to bite the bust.  They’re very plain and go with everything.  Can you believe I’ve used them for 9 years?  It’s probably time to buy a new pair …

In my honest opinion, the gaudier the beach towel, the happier the beach trip.  These pineapples are so, so happy.  We have a myriad of beach towels that are so bright and colorful!  Of course, my Toms sunglasses will be going with me.  I decided since we won’t get in the water much, it is probably okay to bring them instead of my cheap-o pair.

And call me silly, but I do like to wear minimal makeup at the beach.  And by minimal, I mean a low-key balm that gives my lips some color and super-duper waterproof mascara (hello, pictures!).  Blinc mascara does not smudge at all.  Totally beach-proof!  And sunscreen?  A given.  😛

What are your plans for this weekend?


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