Cardigan // Tee // Jeans

Bag // Necklace // Booties

Lip Gloss // Blush // Lipstick

Although our weather is still back and forth between warm-ish and cold, I’ll be spending part of this weekend going through my sweaters, cardigans, and winter shoes.  I haven’t purged any of my winter clothes, since I haven’t worn them in a year.  I really haven’t had the motivation to get rid of any of my cold-weather clothing, because I love it all so much.  I am not forcing myself to get rid of things, but I would like to have more space in my closets and drawers.  This outfit inspiration sums up what I want my winter wardrobe to feel like — classic, comfortable, and cozy. 

As far as makeup, I’ve been gravitating towards my Tarte blushes lately.  I have my eye on one of the warmer colors.  It would be so nice for fall..  And I’ve been flipping back and forth between darker lipstick and natural lip gloss.

What are you loving so far this fall?


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